On behalf of the Artistic Board of The Actors’ Program, I welcome you to our sixth end of year showcase production, Earthquakes In London. What a fantastic, and prescient play to be performing in 2017. This year’s cohort of actors has had a wonderful experience in rehearsals led by Katy Maudlin. Katy has encouraged ‘play’ and collaboration on the rehearsal floor, but within clear parameters that allow her vision for the piece to be fulfilled. She has been a joy to have in the school. Katy has been supported by the wonderful Last Tapes Theatre Company who, once again, have inspired the actors with their professionalism and creativity. Between them and Katy, they have gathered together a fantastic all female creative team who, along with George the multi-talented Stage Manager, have worked magic to realise this epic piece.

We at The Actors’ Program are thrilled that our intense, door to the industry course has proven so successful. We strive every year to hone the shape and content of the course and to adapt to current industry practice. We aim to present work that is professional, contemporary and topical. Earthquakes in London, and their soon to be released web series ‘Ripple’, both fit the bill. Getting Earthquakes In London to performance has not only allowed the actors to put into practice the skills they have learned from the many seasoned professionals who work with them, but also to learn how to produce such a production for themselves once they leave us. I thank everyone who has had input into the development and growth of these terrific actors. We wish them every success out in the industry.

Michele Hine
TAP Artistic Manager



Director Katy Maudlin
Set Design Chloe Alderton
Costume Design Hayley Douglas
Sound Design Claire Duncan
Lighting Design Rachel Marlow
Video Content Aj Bishop and Chloe Alderton
Movement Director Michele Hine
Stage Manager George Wallace
Voice Coach Kirstie O'Sullivan
Marketing Photography Sacha Stejko
Poster Design Sacha Stejko and George Wallace
Rehearsal Photography Adam Baines and Tatiana Harper
Executive Producer Michele Hine
Producer Last Tapes Theatre Company
Production Manager Robin Kelly
Production Team Robin Kelly, Cherie Moore, Rebekah Guy, Nicky Vella
TAP Administrator Jessi Williams
Technical Manager Ronnie Livingstone
Basement Programming Manager Gabrielle Vincent
Venue Liason Ahi Karunaharan

Earthquake in London features three songs performed by Ron Gallipoli, used by permission: BirthsceneFonterra and In The Year 2525.




Earthquakes in London asks the questions that have become so prevalent in this epoch - ‘What are we doing about the state of the world?’ and ‘How are we going to leave it for generations to come?’

An investigation of this kind can lead to dissociation, with ecological musings often promoting personal helplessness, trying to hold onto the true impacts humans have had on a global scale is a big ask. What Mike Bartlett does so well is humanise environmental decline by providing us with a lens of one family’s journey. We see a woman hunt for a glimmer of hope, a good thing, a moment of connection and through her we find ourselves asking how will we continue to exist in a world with immense social disjunction and individualism.  

It has been a wonderful to work with such a talented bunch of actors, incredible creative team, The Actors’ Program,
Last Tapes and the incomparable George Wallace.


Michele Hine and the entire artistic board of The Actors’ Program, Sam Snedden, Gabrielle Vincent, Elise Sterback, Faith Tapsell, Sara Shirazi, Ahi  Karunaharan, Ronnie Livingstone, and the whole Basement Team, Nisha Madhan, Amber Molloy, Gabe Ford, Patrick Minto and the Q Theatre team, Eliza Josephson-Rutte and Auckland Theatre Company,  Emma Newborn, Kate Prior, Stacey Henderson, Ash Holwell, William Maudlin, Di Robinson, Aaron Edwards, Jennifer Alison, Boubacar Coulibaly, Sam Bradford (aka Ron Gallipoli), Joshua Lynn, Siobhan O'Connor, Lydia Zanetti, APRA, Michelle Jones, Zara Skuse, Dylan Taylor, Mark and Fiona Douglas, Company of Giants, and Laurel Devenie, Ben Henson, Anthea Freya Hill, Beth Alexander, Bryony Skillington, Sam Clavis, Chye-Ling Huang, Duchess, Adam Ogle
Mike Ellis and the team at Phantom. Thanks to scholarship donors Michelle and Phillip Kean, Graham Dunster, Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Michael Hurst, Sara Wiseman and Michele Hine.

A huge thanks to all the people who have donated their time, energy, and love, including the tutors at The Actors' Program, and the friends and family of The Actors’ Program students.