Balling. Boffing. Bushwhacking. Bumping uglies. Kissing fish. Getting laid. Call it whatever you like, it’s all sex. 

Whip smart and funny as hell, the debut play by Oliver Page is show number three of our 2016 First Steps season. 

Annie and Rob are getting engaged. Or got engaged and their engagement party is tonight. But on their way out the door they get a call. It's Jacob, Rob's old school friend. He needs a place to stay.  In spite of his future wife's plea for privacy, Rob invites Jacob to bunk down with them in their teeny tiny, rinky dink central Auckland apartment.

What follows is a screwball comedy that brilliantly and viciously cuts to the quick of some pretty important questions about liberal ideals and middle-class morality.

Remember: you can’t spell subtext without buttsex.

Last Tapes Theatre Company presents
Mating in Captivity
16-27 August, 8pm
Basement Theatre
Tickets $18-20 from